Take the guesswork out of the screening process

Hire people based on how they'll actually do the job with tailor-made tests and video interviews, using unique AI technology


Drop in Unnecessary Interviews

When you interview only qualified candidates, no time is wasted, time to hire is dramatically shorter, and your hiring managers can focus on their job.

Better Candidate Experience

Stand out from the competition by engaging your candidate with work samples that mimic the actual job. Your candidates will appreciate the opportunity to showcase their skills.

Less Biased &
More Diversity

Give each candidate a fair chance to showcase their professional skills and potential, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, education, age, etc.

Tailor-made Tests To Meet Your Recruitment Needs 

Boost your employer branding by engaging candidates with tailor-made tests that simulate the job and are scored automatically

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Thank you for applying to "Company_Name". You’re invited to take the "Test_Name", which is the first step in our recruitment process. The test will take roughly 50 minutes. As there is no pause or retake option, make sure to block off the necessary time to complete the test. 

Your background

A large variety of assessment types that simulate any job

Studies show that the best predictor for job suitability is a work sample test. It is also dramatically reduce your chances to make bad hiring because when you see how a person does the job before they get the job, you can't be surprised. ​




Multiple Choice


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Give every candidate a fair chance to show their talents and professional skills

Your candidates will appreciate the opportunity to showcase their talent for the prospective role .

For any position,

at any scale

Let Canditech single out the best


top talents

so you could focus only on your

Have you ever thought of the amount of time and resources your company spends on candidates you don’t even hire? Prioritize your screening process and spend your precious time only on those with the highest chances to be excelling in their role.


We are good with people, and technology

Leveraged AI technology to automate your screening process and take better hiring decisions

Unlike humans, AI is blind to gender, ethnicity, age and background. It can automatically grade unlimited candidates' assessments and analyse endless amount of information in order to assist the hiring team to come up with the best recruiting decisions in no time.



By learning candidates’ performances and analyzing plenty of data points, our cutting-edge AI validates the tests, ensures they’re reliable and optimizes them on an on-going basis.

Smart Insight Bot

Our bot analyses various statistics to spot trends & patterns with your candidates. It reports to you their strengths & weaknesses alongside actionable items so you can focus your interviews and make better hiring decisions. 

Stars DNA


We analyze hundreds of data points per candidate, from answer order to number of changes, typing and cursor speed, voice signature and more.
Based on that, we cluster them to find hidden talents based on your feedback.



Most candidates don’t cheat. They know they’ll need to present their task in an interview (or in the next video question in Canditech's case). Yet, we’ve developed unique solutions to monitor anomalies indicative of cheating, such as copy-paste, typing and cursor speed, time-per-answer, and more.

With great AI power, comes great responsibility

We believe in ethics when it comes to AI and will never use its power to downgrade candidates. Our AI  technology highlights "hidden talents" who may have scored poorly on tests, but share the same qualities as other top contenders.

Some Of Our Features

Custom Made Tests
Variety Of Question Types
Dedicated Account Manager
AI Kit
Employer Branded
Mailing Automation
Notification System
Mobile Friendly
Reporting System
Dynamic Tests
API Access
ATS Integration
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