Why Canditech is a better alternative for Video Assessment platforms? 

Video Assessment platforms are great, but why settle only on video screening when you can combine video with real-world challenges?


Eliminate unconscious bias and enhance diversity, by objectively evaluate technical skills (code, SQL, Excel expertise, written communication etc.) alongside soft-skills. 

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6 game-changer differentiations between Canditech and video assessment platforms:


Test Validity & relability

Research suggests that job simulations are the most effective tool for predicting the right candidate, and dramatically reduce the probability of wrong hiring

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Better candidate experience 

Candidates value companies who provide them with the opportunity to shine in real-world challenges instead of solely pitching to the camera

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For Any Position

The only platform for any position in your company from R&D, Data and Analytics, QA, Marketing, Sales, Account Management, and whatever other position you are aiming to fill

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Get to know your candidates better

Our unique holistic approach empowers recruiters and hiring managers to objectively evaluate technical skills (code, SQL, Excel expertise, written communication etc.) alongside soft-skills

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Save time and money from day one 

Our insights will help you cut down the number of interviews by 80% from day one, so that you can spend your precious time only on those with the highest chances to be excelling in their role.

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Company Logo

Thank you for applying to [COMPANY_NAME]. You’re invited to take the [POSITION] Test, which is the first step in our recruitment process. The test will take roughly [TEST_TIME] minutes. As there is no pause or retake option, make sure to block off the necessary time to complete the test.

Dear Sara,



Your background

Boost your employer branding

Engage candidates with amazing tailor-made assessments that simulate the job and are scored automatically

Business Team

Not like video assessment platforms, Canditech encourage blind recruitment to eliminate biased and enhanced diversity

The bottom line:

Video Assessment Platforms

Video Assessments

Coding Assessments

Coding Assessments


Wasn't enough?

We share the same goals,

pay us only if we take you there

Improve candidate experience

Reduce number of interviews

Reduce bias and diverse your teams

Shorten time to hire dramatically

Save money from day one


Let's talk, your candidates and colleagues will thank you :)