Don't gamble with your hiring

Use job simulation tests to discover candidates' real potential,

while providing amazing experience 

"Canditech helps us to shorten the time to hire and diversify our teams by starting the process with more people , and inviting the most qualified ones onsite."

Ayelet Tauber, HR Specialist, 

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Get to know your candidates better

Dear Sara,

Our unique holistic approach empowers recruiters and hiring managers to objectively evaluate technical skills (code, SQL, Excel expertise, written communication etc.) alongside soft-skills (using video questions) utilizing advanced analytics & reporting tools. It reduces the chances of hiring wrong and helps find the most suitable candidate for the job.

No more bad hires 

Research suggests that job simulations are the most effective tool for predicting the right candidate, and dramatically reduce the probability of wrong hiring

Amazing candidate experience 

Let candidates take the test prior to or after the initial interview, anytime, anywhere. They will appreciate the opportunity to showcase their true skills while getting a taste of the job

For any position

The only platform for any position in your company from R&D, Data and Analytics, QA, Marketing, Sales, Account Management, and whatever other position you are aiming to fill

Save time and money

from day one 

Have you ever thought about the amount of time and resources your company wastes on candidates you don’t even hire? We can help you cut down the number of unnecessary interviews by 70%, so that you can spend your precious time only on those with the highest chances to be excelling in their role.

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We share the same goals,

pay us only if we take you there

Improve candidate experience

Reduce the number of interviews

Shorten time to hire dramatically

Save money from day one

Reduce bias, and diversify your teams

Let's talk, your candidates and colleagues will thank you :)