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Find the right candidate before your competitors do

Reach more candidates,
Increase your placement chances

Instead of flooding candidates with meaningless hiring messages, engage with them through our inspiring tests. Post the tests on social media or send them in private messages to widen the pool of skilled candidates available for the job. 

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Let your candidates shine

Increase your placement rates

Don't just send your clients a resume. Boost your placement rates by showing your clients how candidates write code, solve analytical cases, compose an email, or speak to clients before bringing them onsite for an interview. Your clients will always prefer reviewing comprehensive and holistic reports that show both professional and soft skills rather than just a resume, so your candidates will always be on the top of the pipeline.


Single out the best in your talent pool 

Not everyone has an impressive resume. Evaluating candidates with professional tests can help you pinpoint those with exceptional talent and provide your clients with the opportunity to consider candidates that would have been previously overlooked due to weak resumes. 

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Better offerings 

for your clients

Time is of the essence in the world of recruitment. When you come across a great candidate, first, forward their resume to your clients. Next, send them the Canditech analysis, and they will never return to working with old-fashioned agencies that only flood them with resumes.

Boost your


Present yourself as a market-leading and visionary company that is not only interested in resumes, but seeks true talent, skills, and potential. Candidates and clients alike will love it.

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Start a free trial today

Be part of the change. Give each candidate a fair chance to showcase their potential, using bias-free skill assessments.

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