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BI & Analytics

Canditech is the ultimate platform that aids you in evaluating candidates for BI, Data & Analytics positions. Our holistic job simulation tests permit recruiters and hiring managers to assess each candidate's technical and analytical skills objectively, along with their soft-skills and thought-process. Our simulations allow you to see how each candidate writes SQL queries and performs data analysis besides evaluating how they perform action items and deliver business conclusions in both text and video.

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Canditech believes that developers are not just code-writers. Our innovative job simulations help you evaluate the coding and problem-solving abilities of a candidate and their communication skills, and their take on complicated topics. Canditech brings an all-inclusive solution for developers' assessment from coding to design and code review while providing them with a professional experience they would love and appreciate.

Online marketing

Find the candidates with the perfect blend of creativity and analytical skills with our comprehensive online marketing job simulations. Target the ideal candidates with the abilities to efficiently analyze your data, help you reach your KPIs, coordinate with the team, and delivering unique ideas.

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Account Management &

Customer Success

Evaluating positions that are client faced are the most difficult to evaluate. From fostering long-term relationships with clients and upselling to prioritizing clients' requests, and a lot more, Canditech can simulate them all. Get your candidates to give a short pitch in front of the camera, support a client's request, write emails to clients, and much more before even calling them for an interview.
Canditech assesses and scores your candidates automatically so you can focus on prioritizing your screening process and spend your precious time only on those with the highest chances to be excelling in their role.

Sales & Telemarketing

Resumes aren't enough to judge sales and telemarketing skills. This is where Canditech comes in with its amazing email and video questions. These questions mimic actual scenarios with the potential consumers/customers, which allows you to see how a sales candidate will respond in a certain scenario before they get the job. Our job simulations help you evaluate candidates for sales positions with exceptional accuracy. From giving a pitch to the client to handle price pushbacks and a lot more, you can automatically assess and score your candidates for all those tasks.

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QA Managers

QA Managers are the intellectuals that focus on the bigger picture while understanding the functionality of products and try to find out the drawbacks to improve your product line. QA managers are very difficult to evaluate as they come from different backgrounds, and a resume isn't enough to judge their grip on building and testing a system's architectures. Job simulations help you to test their skills down to the T. Every candidate gets a fair chance to display their talent with our exceptional tool.

We offer a lot more than these. Begin your hiring process with our ready-made job-simulations or tell us about your needs, and we will design a tailor-made job-simulation just for you.

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