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Leveraged technology to reach your hiring goals

Unlike humans, technology is blind to gender, ethnicity, age, and background. Our bias-free skill assessments can automatically be scored while analyzing an endless amount of data to help the hiring team locate the best candidates in no time.


Most candidates don’t cheat. They know they’ll need to present their task in an interview (or in the next video question in Canditech's case). However, as a safeguard, we created a solution for monitoring anomalies that are indicative of cheating such as copy-paste, typing speed, cursor movement, time-per-answer, and more.

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By interpolating candidate performance and analyzing numerous data points, our top-notch technology approves the tests, ensuring they are valid and optimized for your candidates regularly to ensure the best candidate experience.



We analyze hundreds of data points per candidate, from the order the answers were provided to the number of changes made, typing speed, cursor movement, and much more. We then cluster them to find hidden talents based on your feedback.

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Smart Insight



Our bot analyzes various statistics to spot trends and patterns, and reports a candidate's strengths and weaknesses, along with actionable items so you can focus on your interviews and make better hiring decisions. 

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